Tuesday, September 05, 2006

all is revealed

well, after some months of silence, I am here to report that the property is finally open. a thirty foot wide strip 700 feet long was cleared, and an acre at the end of that, as well as a right of way for the electric company.

found a lovely hilltop with a great forewst with many big trees, now for electricity, water and septic, and a trailer, and we will be in the country.

also got a peice of cadd soffware called home design which will do everything whenever I can figure out how it works.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

down with bushes

at last a plan to enter the property. clearing a T with the long part 30 feet wide and the cross piece an acre. the electric comppany charges for a right of way so better to run the line up the clearing. wells must be deep to avoid the rusty iron water found at 150 feet, so 1100 feet may be necessary. with septic, electric and water installed, a travel trailer will be our weekend getaway.

a lawyer who did the act of sale says that the covenant items must be enforced for all the propety owners or none, and a failure to enforce"mobile homes are forbidden" for thirteen years would suggest that there will be no problem with a travel trailer, which is a different animal. still, we might have some problems so I will lease purchase a trailer to avoid getting stuck with a trailer in my driveway.

the boat is clean and pretty and will have a home somewhere soon, must go to batrataria this weekend to get info on boat houses or wet slips. fish are bitin, and the sugar cane is high.

Brianne continues to live with us while her parents and brother live with her grandfather on Cohn street, she just went to NYC for a week, and returned with a pink hat. CJ's daughter Allison returns from Biloxi where she worked in Habitat for a week. brown and blisterd fingers.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

nails are too high

contractor says that the cost of materials has gone up so much [300%] that its not a good time to build. looks like waiting for a year or more is the best choice.

now can approach the homeowners association , if there is one, and request exception to the covenant forbidding trailers, so I can put a travel trailer on the property for the time bean.

boat remains in driveway, looking good, now to explore new berthing possibilities for boating fun.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

clean up the swamp juice

knees and elbows hurt, back hurts, boat is cleaner. the water that covered this boat must have had a lot of mud suspended in it as well as the grass. its all in the compartments, fish box, bait well, and a degreaser does wonders. some of the drains, which are simply pipes about 3/8 of an inch in diameter, are plugged with grass and the bait well refused to drain, so I tried a coathanger, but there was a curve in the pipe, and then, it occured to me that this was a plugged up sink, so I got the plunger from the bathroom and pumped away, whereupon the lower bilge outlet began to pour out grassy soapy water,and we were home free. a couple more places and Ill have a clean boat again. Then down to the bayou for some fishin.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

home at last

boats in the driveway, simple trip home down st charles ave if you can believe that, shes clean and has a new engine and aluminum tandem trailer with brakes, what a joy to drive with those brakes behind me.

will be cleaning out the compartments to get the last of the marsh goo out of them, still a little in the bottom. have degreaser and acid for the rust stains. I have discovered that its too hot to work out there in the middle of the day, so I wont go out until five or six, am or pm.

our maine friend cj has a daughter ali who is visiting the NO area and she will be staying with us tonight, salmon and asparagus for six on the barbie.


Friday, June 23, 2006

progress notes

WELL, finally found a contractor to help with the property in sta tammany parish. will meet with him on thursday of next week. he is a member of a family that once owned a resturant on claiborne that served wild game meats, called T Pittari's. He is a contractor that wsorked for Southern homesbuilding homes in subdivisions. he is supposed to have many good contactgs in st tammany parish for subcontractors.

boat is ready, will pick it up today and bring it home for cleaning. fishing is soon.


Monday, June 05, 2006

acres r mine

well, the acres are mine, and now what to do.

I discovered that the land is apart of a subdivision with a covenant and so I read it, and it looks like no travel trailer. might have to build a house. stilll trying to decide about what to do with that althoug the money is approved for a house construction loan.

boat is moving along. engine is on the boat, and rigger is going to begin installing cables this week. fishing soon I hope.